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Double Z Computer is arguably the leading Australian owned EDI Solution Provider in Australia today. With over 20 years experience in EDI, our knowledge and experience with the local Retail, Pharma and Automotive Industries is unparalleled. Double Z has provided EDI solutions to hundreds of clients in Australia and New Zealand and continues to deal with hundreds of Trading Partners around the globe.

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What you need...

  • EDI√Plus

    EDI√Plus is an extremely versatile EDI package that allows you to communicate your business documents with Retailers and Manufacturers around the world simply and easily. It can be used in stand-alone mode or fully integrated with Accounting &/or Scan Packing &/or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) &/or WMS (Warehouse Management Systems). It can work equally well on physical or virtual Servers. It can be used locally or with International Partners and can be set up to do most jobs automatically. EDI√Plus is the smart choice for Medium to Large Businesses.

  • √WEBPlus

    √WEBPlus is a cloud based EDI portal that can deal with all retailers in Australia and New Zealand. It is inexpensive and has no binding contract. Short Term, 1, 2 or 3 month use or even once per year. WEBPlus is simple to set up and easy to use, it's the smart choice for SMBs.

  • Managed EDI

    No EDI software to contend with. Just use your existing ERP/WMS etc. No strange hardware to deal with. Just use your existing Servers and PC's. Global network to communicate with retailers and manufacturers. Low monthly charges for easy billing. The only choice for Large Corporations and Retailers with built in email alerts, error logging and local Aussie telephone support that's helpful, knowledgeable and reliable.

What you get...


    Unlike other companies, we value the close relationship we have with our customers. That's why we're always at our desk, waiting for you to call. So give us a call and challenge us, it's why we're here. To help you.


    Our aim is to ensure that the process of electronic trading is made as simple as possible with minimal cost outlays but maximum benefit. This means that any company, whatever the size, can enjoy the benefits of our EDI Solutions.

  • COVID-19

    The COVID-19 virus has dramatically affected the personal and business lives of all Australians over the past few weeks. Even though the business world has become somewhat unpredictable, Double Z Computer has so far maintained continuity of Help Desk support for our EDIPlus and WEBPlus users.

    We know that some of our customers are finding hardship during these times. If your business has had to close its doors please contact us to discuss your issues so we can help ease some of your concerns. We have temporarily waived both cancellation notice and reconnection fee for businesses affected by the COVID-19 restrictions, but if there is anything else we can help with, give us a call.


    Both our premium EDI Plus product and our cloud-based WEB Plus product make the process of electronic trading smooth and seamless. We take care of the technical work in the background so you can focus on the things that really matter - running a successful business.